Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Book Club Christmas Party-2013

Helen tells a funny story to a reindeer(Beth D.), Beth C., Nancy, Penny, and Kathy.

Beth listens intently.

Kathy, Penny, and Beth (and the ever present bottle of wine).

The party was at my house this year. We had a wonderful time. Everybody brought great food. Beth D. made osso bucco because of a mention in the book we had just read- "The Love of a Good Woman" by Alice Munro. We also had chicken salad (Penny), wild rice salad (Helen-which she especially made with no gluten), mesquite barbeque pork loin (Barbara and Nancy), pear, nut and gorgonzola cheese on toasted French bread (Nancy), a beautiful nut-covered cheese with crackers (Beth C.), and brie and French bread (Kathy).


Blue Heron said...

no boys?

North County Film Club said...

We could use a boy. Are you interested?

Blue Heron said...

use me, din't abuse me. actually I don't cook and wouldn't be able to carry my weight. better defer...


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