Friday, March 27, 2009


We actually do take our job very seriously, and we don't usually let the new assistant into the photography studio. She was hired to answer the phone and pay bills. But sometimes she feels that something is important enough to disturb us. She noticed that this particular food wasn't on the layout. Then she noticed that it wasn't even in the pan. Lucky she caught it before we started to shoot.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Finally, blossoms on the avocado trees

Last season we had almost no blossoms on the trees and a very bad harvest. So we were thrilled to see all these blossoms. We've had so little water.


We needed a shot of a casserole with a spoon scooping out a portion. It takes too long to shoot to have someone standing there holding the spoon so Steve (our photographer) rigged up what I called "The Hover Spoon". See it here hovering above the casserole.

The final shot.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Blue Pacific Realtors Client Appreciation Party

Every year our friend and realtor, Kurt Kinsey, has a party for all his clients. He has a drawing and the prize is a trip to somewhere in the world. This year it was Thailand. A couple of years ago Nancy and I were the winners of a trip to Ireland. You can see photos of it on the right, at the top of the page.
The party was held at a Thai restaurant in Oceanside.

Kurt gets down with the dancers.

Two of Kurt's clients pose with the dancers.
These very young guys just bought a foreclosure and are fixing it up.
Very foreward thinking.

art class critiques

Our mixed media teacher, Mary Tomaskevitch

Here's some of the art from my class, mostly watercolors.
I didn't write down all the artists names and now I'm not sure which are which. Here's some of Mary's comments:
(Mine ,done about 3-4 yrs. ago) Should do something with background-maybe something should go off top of page.

(Linda ) - nice piece. good color

(Linda) -background, lovely . Tree looks a little flat. Would look better if cropped at top.

(Mila)- neat little piece

a lot to look at

fun thing

(Sue)- ginger peachy !

(Carol) - no dominant value- no cold or hot. (I really like this one.-B.F.)
(Mila)- perfect. like the way it's mounted

(Joy)- good start

(Diane)- fix hand, nice handling, tone down leg, add shading to leg, nice painting.

I didn't get all the paintings and not nearly enough of the comments.


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