Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Empty nest syndrome

Another year, another empty nest!

The mother and father have been hanging around for several days and doing a lot of tweeting (not 
that kind of tweeting!) I haven't seen them feeding them, tho.

The babies looked so pitiful and, of course, I worried like I did last year. I was determined this year to let nature take it's course and not interfere.

I was afraid that they would have trouble leaving the nest because there was so much stuff in their way. They wouldn't have an empty space to jump out onto.

So I removed all the stuff and put things for them to more easily step onto.

However, while doing so I bumped the basket/nest and they all three flew out. They didn't even need a place to step. Did I do a bad thing? Was it not the right time? So much for letting nature take it's course !

The mother and father as seen through my front door. 
They look like part of the carvings on the animal screen.

Monday, April 20, 2015

More Zentangles

 Zendala # 98

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The babies are here

The babies

 Mom (Look carefully)


Monday, April 6, 2015

Random photos from last couple of months

Nancy and Tootie enjoying Old Faithful in Temecula mall. (A car hit a fire plug).

 I took Ivan (the new kitty) to lose his manhood.

 A giant 10 wheel truck makes it's way down my long, winding driveway to deliver roofing materials for my new solar system. Some mere cars have trouble with this driveway. They did a great job.

 The cutest little girl seen at the theater when we went to the film club. Her father bought her this bear in London. Since then she's been dressing to fit the story in the accompanying book.

 The nicest, most calm dogs seen at a recent garage sale. They even let this little girl man-handle them with no complaints.
 At another garage sale I wanted to buy this house instead of the things on sale. It turns out it is going to be for sale. Now I'm starting to dream again. This is why I move so much!

 A caterpillar on my newly planted Milk Weed plant. Paula brought this over from Anne's plant. It was one of five that she brought. A few days later and they're all gone. Maybe they're somewhere doing their job but I can't find them. I was looking forward to Monarch butterflies and doing my part to save them.

Elvis comes to Taco Night at the VFW.

A cat and it's friend at Myrtle Creek. Nancy, Helen and I had lunch here.

Seen along the highway!  
If you have a sexy beast that needs waxing...


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