Sunday, January 17, 2010

San Diego Sketchcrawl- Buena Vista Nature Center, Oceanside

My first time with this very nice group. I was a little intimidated by the talent of everyone
and wasn't happy with my first little painting.  Next time I'll do better and bring better supplies.

Stuffed dead birds in the nature center.

On my way home I stopped at an antique store because there was an Eames chair out in front. I've always wanted one. It was a copy, but I still wouldn't mind having it. It was only $350- that's how I knew it was a copy. When I hesitated the owner offered it to me for $250.

I should have bought it but I'm feeling too poor these days, so instead I bought this photo for $1.00.

I think it was a wise decision.


Vivian Swift said...

I like the photo! I would have bought it too. I don't believe in force feeding geese for pate de fois gras, but if someone's going to force feed himself I'm not against trying the pate de bebe.

(Do you think that kid's going to have nightmares about being pecked to death by ducks?)

Blue Heron said...

I like the photo as well. I understand why you weren't happy with the painting. It's not bad but the outlining is better suited for an ink drawing with perhaps a little colored wash. With paint, edges aren't always delineated like that, you need to think in terms of light values. I think. Could be wrong.

Barbara said...

I think you're right. I should have done the line drawing first.

McHargue said...

I like your bird sketches.

Barbara said...

I don't think the kid is going to have nightmares about geese, but maybe about someone named Swift talking about pate de bebe !

Jane LaFazio said...

hmm. 'blue heron' is quite the critic huh? We were on a sketch crawl. and you did a wonderful little sketch!!!


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