Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A day of theater fun.

We had quite a day Sunday. Went to our film club and saw an excellent film "My Old Lady" with Kevin Kline, Maggie Smith and Kristin Scott Thomas. (see the trailer in previous blog)

After that, drove to San Diego to the theater and saw a wonderful updated version of "Kiss Me Kate".

 It was great. We had gone to see it previously and one of the cast members was taken sick and they canceled the performance. Thanks to Marge for getting us the tickets- each time.

From a review:
“Kate” is, in its own over-the-top way, a complex piece of work — a play-within-a-play that pairs Shakespeare with the tropes of mid-20th-century musical comedy.

Here's some of the memorable songs-
So in love
Tom, Dick, Or Harry
Why can't you behave?
Always true to you in my fashion
From this moment on
and of course- Kiss me Kate.

My Old Lady Official Trailer 1 (2014) - Kevin Kline, Maggie Smith Movie HD

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Wine with the Mannings

A couple of weeks ago I was having wine with the Mannings...

including Maddy Manning...

who looks surprising like my favorite picture of George.

(Sorry, if I've over-used this picture of George in previous posts !)

Monday, July 6, 2015

Ivan joins George

Remember Handsome George
who made himself at home at my house several months ago?
 He went to his new home with Beatrice and Bob
who met him while I was at the vet with him.

George just lost his companion, Black.
He was very lonesome and Beatrice called to
 see if I had any new cats that might like
 to move in with George.

What about my new foundling Ivan?
Ivan was really bored. He had even started reading the dictionary
He was badly in need of a playmate.
No matter how hard he tried the old cats
wouldn't play with him.

Even Tootie wouldn't play with Ivan. 

Finally Chloe would let Ivan sleep a little bit near her....
until she fully woke up and noticed.

I was very attached to Ivan but I knew he wasn't
completely happy. He really wanted to play.
When Beatrice told me that George and Ivan
would live in a big coyote-free area, I decided to do what was best for Ivan.

Ivan's last night in my bed. I'm going to miss him.

I think he's going to be much happier with George. 
So far, I've heard they're having a ball.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My big gray cat tries to makes himself comfy

 Resting after reading Consumer Reports and doing the crossword puzzle.

Cat? What cat?

 His work is never done!

 He's quite literate and a music lover!

If only there was a decent place to sleep in this house.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Monarchs are coming...hopefully!

My friend, Judy, gave me some milkweed seeds to plant to attract Monarch butterflies.
It worked! Finally a Monarch showed up.
 She must have laid a lot of eggs.

Pretty soon there were 7 caterpillars and they got busy eating all the leaves.

 Judy said that's what they were supposed to do. She said to keep watering anyway.
The caterpillars are all gone and so are the leaves. Somewhere the butterflies are forming.
I haven't seen any cocoons yet.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Paintings thanks to Elizabeth Wix photographs

I love Elizabeth Wix's photography. They're perfect for still life painting. 
Here's two paintings I've just done using her photos. 

I hope it's O.K. with you, Elizabeth.

Here's Elizabeth's blog

Friday, June 12, 2015

Zen Doodle Workshop magazine

I'm in the Summer issue of Zen Doodle magazine.

 The article is called "Botticelli Meets Artful Doodling".
I explain how to use images (in this case old master paintings) with Zentangles.

Rush right out and get one.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

More theater- Feb., Mar., May at the Old Globe




At the theater lately

Why would two "ladies of a certain age" go to see Cinderella? Because we had seasons tickets and that's what was playing. Also it was by Rodgers and Hammerstein, who (whom?) I love. It was really fun. The story was slightly modernized and funny in parts. Of course, the music was nice, but not memorable.

The best part was the audience. It was full of costumed little girls- so cute!
 I was starting to take pictres of these cute little girls when the mother said "but wait there's more".
I didn't know what she meant until another one showed up.

I think these two were a couple with their baby. The baby was adorable -dressed in a tiny fur coat and a necklace. They were so proud! I wonder if she enjoyed the show? They probably just couldn't wait til she got older.


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