Sunday, January 10, 2010

Quick look at a previous book club. (November ?)

The Seal Wife by Kathryn Harrison

Nancy and I enjoying the conversation. Looks like we had a little too much wine!

Beth, Vickie, Helen
Laurie, Kathy, Roxanne

The Seal Wife tells the story of a young scientist and his consuming love for a woman known only as the Aleut, a woman who refuses to speak.
A novel of passions both dangerous and generative, The Seal Wife explores the nature of desire and its ability to propel an individual beyond himself and outside convention. Kathryn Harrison brilliantly re-creates the Alaskan frontier during the period of the First World War as she explores with deep understanding the interior landscape of the human psyche — a landscape eerily continuous with the splendor and terror of the frozen frontier and the storms that blow over the earth and its face.

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