Thursday, August 6, 2009

"42nd Street "at the Moonlight in Vista, Ca

We attended a wonderful performance of 42nd Street, equal to any Broadway production, in Vista at the newly rebuilt outside amphitheatre. It's amazing to me that a small town can put on such a professional performance. The main actresses and actors are mostly seasoned performers but the dancers in the chorus are usually from around here. One of the dancers worked in the office of Nancy Kreile, who we went with. We were a little distracted by always trying to identify her. It didn't hurt our enjoyment, though.

It's always fun to see a musical that is full of familiar songs--" We're in the money", "Lullaby of Broadway", "Shuffle off to Buffalo", "You're getting to be a habit with me",
of course, "42nd Street ", and more.

Here's a video from The Tony Awards:

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