Thursday, August 6, 2009

Trip to San Juan Capistrano Mission

Nancy and I met our friend Debbie last Saturday at the Capistrano Mission. It's famous for the swallows returning each year in (I think) March. There's a famous song about it. I think they've not been showing up lately, though. They still have their festivities on the day that they used to come back. I think pigeons have been taking their place lately. It's a fascinating place, with or without swallows.
It's a great place for weddings and wedding photographs. There were brides all over the place (and grooms, of course.)
Capistrano is a cute little town and the old part near the mission has a lot of cute little cottages.
Some of them have been made into shops and restaurants.

There's also a petting zoo with these cute llamas and other animals.

(What's with the lip?)

We started off the afternoon with margaritas and ended the day with dinner at the old train station. It was a perfect day.


Painting Contractors Billerica MA said...

Beautiful pictures!

<3 Lindsay

Barbara said...

Thank you so much, Lindsay. It's nice to hear. They look a little too ordinary to me. How did you ever find my blog? It's always nice to know how people get here.


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