Friday, August 21, 2009

More etsy finds

I love this artist's pet portraits. His name is Ron Krajewski. He has prints of almost every breed.
He'll also do a commissioned portrait of your pet. This is a Shih Tzu but it looks just like Nancy's Llahsa Apso, Tootie. The two breeds look alot alike. See more at

Is this the cutest thing you've ever seen? When I first saw some of this artist's felted wool sculptures on etsy I thought they were real dogs and I thought they can't be selling dogs on etsy!!! Then I looked closer and saw what they really were. Of course they wouldn't sell real dogs on etsy- was I nuts? They sure look real, though, don't they? She will also do a commissioned sculpture of your pet. It takes her about 20 hours to complete so don't expect them to be cheap but certainly worth every penny. See more at

And now for something completely different. A dog of a different color. This is a really unique artist. Her name is Jennifer Davis. You can see more of her really interesting artwork at Her blog is

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