Sunday, July 26, 2009

A partial tour of Fallbrook

I always like to see where my fellow bloggers live. Maybe you do, too. If so, here's a small part of Fallbrook... the drive from downtown to my house:
Downtown has several murals and galleries. We're listed in the book "100 Best Art Towns in America"

A cute new "mural" on a consignment shop.

This one is by Brett Stokes, one of our best muralists.

The slow way to drive home (and the prettiest) is through the ancient oak forest. The trees are protected so it sometimes makes for a slightly scary drive as the road narrows to allow for the trees on the side. When a car is coming in the opposite direction you have to be very careful to stay in your lane. You can't always count on the other guy, though.

Turn left at Lake Tree Dr. which is surrounded by the Fallbrook Golf Course. The clubhouse is on the other side of the street. We often eat lunch there. Wednesday is "two for one" hamburger day and Tuesday is "Taco Tuesday"when tacos are $1.00.

Don't turn here- this is the road into our avocado grove. Right now it's covered with leaves which makes for a very slippery drive. Usually it's used by the grove management co. But they must be walking in because they're not keeping it cleared. At the end of this road is what's called a "Butler building". It's made of tin but is a complete little house with kitchen and bathroom. It could be very cute if we had the money to fix it up. Someday, maybe.

The driveway to the house:
Come on in!

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Joni Prittie said...

Hi Barb,
I finally figured out to check for comments on my blog and how to leave them for others.
I love your blog.. so wonderful to drive around Fallbrook with you!!!
I hope all is doing well for you and Nancy.
I am just keeping on here.. pressing on regardless as they say... and why not.
Life in art has it's own rewards and I am so thankful for this.
Let's hope that there are wonderful projects ahead for us all.. with a bit of moola in the deal.
I will send any work I can think of your way.
Meanwhile.. good news, it is not 107 here today.. yahoooooo.
Love you@@@@


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