Thursday, July 25, 2013

Diva challenge #123 and Zendala #66

Diva challenge # 123
 This challenge was a 2 pencil string. Draw your string with two pencils tied together.
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 Zendala # 66
Here's the template:

I tried an experiment. I did a collage of colored tissue paper and tangled over it.
I'm not happy with it. Too many colors.
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1 Art Lady Kate, Tangles and More said...

I like the idea of tangling over the tissue collage. Maybe just limit your colors a bit.

Anne's tangle blog said...

I think Kate has a point here. Besides that, both tile are still very pretty.

Annette P. said...

Your 2-pencil-string tile is lovely! Nice choice of tangles. The zendala is nice! I would like it just as well with less colors. But this is only my opinion.

Unknown said...

I like the zendala a lot! Especially the combination of intricate tangles over messy torn edges of tissue. Cool idea and I can't imagine it was very easy tangling on delicate tissue!

Anne's tangle blog said...

What a great, creative idea.

Annette P. said...

Your challenge tile is lovely. Also your zendala is great. What a wonderful idea!

Helen Killeen Bauch McHargue said...

I too like the contrast of precision of the tangles and randomness from the tissue. Could be a whole new thing. Torntangles.


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