Saturday, July 6, 2013

A quick recap of June

 My 72 yr. old brother plays in a tennis tournament. (the one on the left)

 The agapanthus bloom at Nancy's house.

My painting in Fallbrook Art Association art show. (the one on the right).

An interesting talk by a Southern folk artist. (name to come).

 Megan and her French boyfriend (J.P.) come for a too- short visit. We really liked him.

Helen shows one her purchases from her recent trip to India at our book club.
 Margarita brought me a beautiful bouquet from her garden.

Nancy and I spent time on art downstairs. Tootie waited. She hates these stairs. (and so do I).


Helen Bauch McHargue said...

I'd say you had a pretty nice month over all!! I'm still laughing over your story about the toothless man and the maniac selling tree services. There's never a dull moment over your way.

Holly said...

This is fantastic!


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