Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Critters I have known

I'm not very squeamish about bugs, but finding this on my kitchen counter last night gave me quite a scare.

Not so much that I wasn't able to deal with it, though. I got a box, scooped it up, closed the lid and took it outside as far from the house as I could go while barefoot. I hope it was far enough away that there won't be a homecoming.  Does this say something about my housekeeping abilities?

Here's a beautiful bug that rode on my windshield one day while I did errands- for at least an hour. Stayed with me the whole time and came all the way home before he left the windshield. I was glad because I didn't want him to hop off far from home and be lost. He looks like a fish with legs.

  Here's a few more: (maybe I should have been an entomologist)

The scorpion is my least favorite. I've found several in my house.
All the others are kind of cute and don't bite (except the tarantula, which also isn't cute.)
Time to call the exterminator- except I really don't want to kill them- just scare them away.
Maybe it's time to call the psychologist!

Here's a critter we all can like, except maybe if you're the prey.
This one was perched on my friend, Kathy's deck. It stayed quite awhile. I have a couple of hawks living in my eucalyptus trees. There's a nest and, I assume eggs, but they're too high up to see what's going on. I enjoy the hawks but I miss the peacocks that lived at my Tumble Creek house.

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Sue Clark said...

OMG, and I thought we had some big spiders, but that's crazy! Not much of a bug person either, but love the birds!


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