Friday, January 14, 2011

Zentangle challenges

Laura Harms has started weekly zentangles challenges.
I missed the first one but here is week 2.

Draw your "string" using 2 pencils at once.

Week 3 Eyes Wide Shut-
Draw the "string" with your eyes closed.

Week 4- Use the letters of your name to choose the patterns. (I think this is what she meant but I wasn't completely clear.
B- bales, A-arrowheads, R-rain, B-beehive, A-ambler, R-rain dotty, A -alpha tangle(I think)
on the second one I also used "betweed" for the B.
To see more go to

Oooops! It was Linda Farmer at that had the "Name" challenge which I thought was "Diva's" challenge #4. Linda's is a wonderful Zentangle site. She has a great library of patterns.

And to learn all about Zentangles go to

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stART said...

Wheeeeee - what fun!


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