Friday, November 26, 2010

My new house?

I just sold a condo that I've had for many years and to save the capital gains tax I'm going to exchange it. I had to identify three properties to exchange into. Here's one of them, the most likely.

I've put an offer on this house and am now trying to get approved for a loan. No easy task.

There are a lot of things I like about it but a few problems: no air conditioning; a very, very long way to the main road to get the paper, mail, and take out the trash;
the green color (can easily be changed); lots of big eucalyptus trees threatening to fall on the house; no garage.

BUT the good things are: the most fantastic view which you can enjoy from several decks; a beautiful swimming pool which Nancy says she'll pay for the upkeep of because she's the only one that will use it. She doesn't have a pool at her house;

a nice office area with a fireplace and built in bookcases (here seen from the nice kitchen);

a cute little living room with a beautiful view;

A living/dining area (with another fireplace) that I'll be able to mess up while keeping the other living room clean for whenever a guest happens to show up.;

 Also 2 nice bedrooms each with a bath and a deck. Downstairs there are two more rooms and a bath. These could be guest rooms or maybe later, a small apt.
The grounds are very nice and have some beautiful trees (that aren't threatening to fall on the house).
There are two storage sheds which will partially take the place of the missing garage for storage.

Should I buy it if I get the loan?


Blue Heron said...

A.C. seems like the only deal killer. Lovely ranch house, great living room space. Paint easily changed. Nice wood floors. Why not?

Elizabeth said...

So beautifully OPEN and spacious.......
from a little NYC apartment it looks like bliss
and the swimming pool.......
Happy belated Thanksgiving.

Helen Killeen Bauch McHargue said...

Looks wonderful. Very comfortable and you could always get into the pool if the heat is really bad.
Great find!

Ruth Andre said...

It is a lovely home and has a fantastic view but I worry about the A/C. The summers are warm unless this site gets a nice ocean breeze? The long walk to get the paper, mail and trash may get old? The view is so compelling.


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