Monday, November 15, 2010

Small Works Show at the Brandon Gallery

I got two things accepted in the Small Works Show.
A collage and a Zentangle (below)

I was very surprised to have a Zentangle accepted. I wasn't sure how galleries felt about Zentangles.  I went into the gallery today and noticed that it's been sold. Another surprise.  A wonderful surprise!  I wonder who bought it. I think I'm going to be sorry to see it go.  I don't always like my own artwork but I did like this. The birds were drawn on pages from a Japanese book.

Nancy Kreile, Amanda Fisher, and Nancy at the opening.


Food Smarts said...

The zentangle is gorgeous. I'm not surprised that it sold fast. I've got to get over there and take a look at the radishes before they're snapped up too.

Jane LaFazio said...

your paintings are beautiful!! love that you did a bird and on japanese paper. I'm not a huge fan of zentangles, but yours doesn't look like one (a good thing in my mind) and is REALLY gorgeous! I'd buy it too!

Ruth Andre said...

Congratulations on having your art work accepted and for the sale. They are lovely works.


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