Friday, July 16, 2010

Watercolor/Pastel class

I just finished a class with Helen Shafer Garcia combining watercolor with pastels.  I loved it.

This was my first. She gave us a black and white photo to work from.

This assignment was to chose a photo with a path or roadway going into the distance.
This was the second class.

This project was to do something floral with something geometric in the background. Not too happy with this. Still working on it, supposedly. But I'm not too good at completing things.

Last class: something that flies. This is a work in progress. Only about half done.  I hope I keep working on it, but I like to finish things in one session and often never finish them otherwise.  I think I'm liking this, though so maybe I'll make myself finish it.

I did this for a session of critiques with Mary Tomaskevitch. Our assignment was to do a landscape in "designed realism". In other words take a realistic landscape and make it "designy".  I liked the watercolor/pastel medium so much that I used it here, also.

This is the photo I was working from.


Food Smarts said...

I learn something from every one of your posts. It's like a mini art course. The designed realism landscape is gorgeous.

L. D. Burgus said...

All of your works turned out so successful. You are very good with the pastels and should do more. I like working with pastel as it has such a strong drawing power to it compared to using the brush. I have a set of oil pastels that I have dabbled in also and it is more smearing that drawing.


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