Sunday, July 18, 2010


Whoever guesses correctly gets a prize from one of our etsy shops. (see links in left hand column)
Start choosing now-anything up to $15. (with shipping)


Crafty Green Poet said...

that's an intriguing shadow!

Food Smarts said...

Nancy or Barbara with the dog sitting in a chair.
It's a beautiful shadow.

Laurie said...

It almost looks like someone leading a bicycle out of a gate...very interesting and tough one!

Gallery Juana said...

Fun game with your interesting shadow shot.

I'm guessing it's someone sitting in a chair holding a cat.

Thanks for your comment on my blog:)

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Hmmm... it looks like one of you sitting in a lawn chair but it seems like we're missing something!
Karla & Karrie

Barbara and Nancy said...

FOOD SMARTS IS THE FIRST PRIZE WINNER. Go to either of our etsy shops and choose any $15 (or less) item. (scroll down the left hand column to find the shops.) Email us the address you'd like it sent to.

Barbara and Nancy said...

GALLERY JUANA IS THE SECOND PRIZE WINNER. You got it almost right- it's a dog not a cat. Go to either one of our etsy shops and choose a $10 (or less) item.
Email us the address you'd like it sent to.

Barbara and Nancy said...

Laurie and Summer Kitchen Girls, Thanks for playing.

Crafty Green Poet,
Thanks for coming by.

See you all Sunday.


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