Saturday, July 10, 2010


I loved Girl Scouts and I loved this meeting room. It was above the gym in our local park in Chicago. It was called Trumble Park. It had everything... a huge swimming pool, sports fields, this great gym with the upstairs meeting/play room.  In the winter they flooded one of the areas for an ice skating rink.

This room also had little wooden kitchen appliances which we played house with when we were younger.  I love the arched windows in the background and that great mural. Little did I know I would grow up and move to the land of Western movies.

This must have been some kind of induction ceremony. I'm the short one in the very middle, right above the Girl Scout insignia. Doesn't our scout leader look sharp in her military inspired uniform?

We wore sashes across the front of our uniforms with our merit badges on them,(although I don't see them here). The only badge that sticks in my mind was called "Animal Husbandry".  About 4 or 5 of us got it mostly by appearing on a television program that featured a vet who told us about taking care of animals. We all stood around his examining table in a very realistic set of a veterinary office. This was in the pretty early days of T.V. when you didn't have the huge choice of programs that we have now.

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Nancy said...

That's a terrific Girl Scout photo with all of you lined up with your uniforms. I remember Girl Scouts. We met in the basement of a church, nothing as beautiful as the room where you met. Fun memories. I wonder if you can find a copy of that old TV program?

tony said...

Keep Checking You Tube! It Will turn up eventually!
Lovely Photo.

Jeanne said...

Brings back is great that you still have this photo!


Christine H. said...

Adorable picture. And Tony's right; eventually it will show up on Youtube.

Food Smarts said...

This was such an innocent time in comparison to today. Young girls got a chance to grow up at a reasonable pace. What a great photo!


did that vet show exhaust your 15 minutes of fame? or can you still hope for more?
i got 30 minutes myself, in a game show. imagine this: 6 bald guys and 3 contestants who have to guess what these bald guys did for a licing. nobody guessed my job, and even when i said it, one of them refused to believe me!!
i'm done with "fame"!!

Alan Burnett said...

Wonderful story. The Girl Scouts (Guides) are / were such an international movement if it wasn't for the American flag the photograph could have been taken in any one of a dozen or so countries.

Gabbi said...

Lovely photograph and memory!


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