Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Oceaside Beach House

We sold the house at a loss. What a shame. We had high hopes when we bought it but then the baaad real estate market hit. Somebody got a real bargain but will probably have to wait quite awhile for the market to turn around.
We'll always remember that place as our refuge when we evacuated from the big fire. Nancy and I, 6 cats and a dog were relatively comfortable there during our week of evacuation. That seems such a funny word to use in this day and age and in this rich country. We certainly were'nt roughing it like some people were. Our only problems were no hot water and no furniture. It was empty while we had it up for sale.
Our wonderful real estate agent(and friend), Kurt Kinsey brought us folding chairs, blow-up bed, sheets and towels, and even a mini refrigerator. He and Antonio and Baby Jack even took us out to dinner. We also had dinner with fellow evacuees Judy and Lowell and our friend Nicki. The next day a nice visit with Steve, Laurie, and Laurie's parents (also evacuees). These are all people we don't see often enough so it was a treat.
All in all it was a pretty pleasant week if it hadn't been for the worry about our houses burning down. Everything turned out alright except later having to sell the place at such a biiiig loss! We'll survive. We always do. And usually come out better in the end.

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