Monday, April 28, 2008

L.A Times Book Festival

Nancy and I went to the book festival again this year. Our very favorite event of the year. Here's Nancy posing with one of the authors.

Some of the authors we saw: Janet Fitch ( White Oleander), Scott Simon (from NPR - his new book-Windy City ),Richard Price (Lush Life), Charles Bock (Beautiful Children).

Howard Fineman ( The 13 American Arguments), Amy Goodman ( Standing Up To The Madness), Tom Hayden ( Writings for a Democratic Society), and the token conservative on this panel- Hugh Hewitt (Painting the Map Red)

Tony Earley(The Blue Star), Dinaw Mengestu (The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears), Stewart O'nan (Last Night at the Lobster), Ann Packer (Songs Without Words)

Elizabeth Berg ( The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted), Anne Taylor Fleming (As If Love Were Enough-also on the News Hour often with Jim Lehrer), Joanne Harris (Chocolat, The Girl With No Shadow, sequel to Chocolat), Elizabeth Strout ( Olive Kitteridge: A Novel in Stories)

John Dean [ yes, The John Dean] , (Broken Government & Pure Goldwater), Michael Gerson,[George W. Bush's speechwriter] (Heroic Conservatism), Nancy Snow (The Arrogance Of American Power & Information War; American Propaganda...)

Steve Lopez ( The Soloist; A Lost Dream, An Unlikely Friendship...) Our favorite!

T.C. Boyle read one of his short stories. (The Tortilla Curtain)

Paul Conrad , political cartoonist( I Con: The Autobiography of Paul Conrad) , Al Martinez, (Columnist for L.A Times)

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