Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Baby birds hatch

The baby birds at Tumble Creek have hatched.The first picture is when the birds were about 2-3 days old. The second picture is right after they hatched.

Steve and I photographed at the Tumble Creek house.He had a job to shoot some frames and I helped with the photo styling. My first job as a photo stylist that wasn't for Banar. Well, I guess I should count all the photo styling I did hundreds of years ago as an art director in L.A.
Steve actually paid me for it and I don't think I was much help but I did let him use my house. Big deal! I wanted Steve to photograph the baby birds but he said it would just look like a bunch of fuzz. I went back and shot it myself, and sure enough, it did. But it does show the progress of the babies.
New renters are moving in so I probably won't see them grow up. The tenants have promised to protect them, though.

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