Monday, September 22, 2014

Polly Bergen and Oil Of The Turtle

Polly Bergen died this weekend and it brought back memories of a brief experience with her and her cosmetics company, Oil of the Turtle. I worked on this account back in the '60s.

A photographer and I met at her house to take photos of her. She rolled out a clothes rack of dresses and asked me to choose one for her to wear. I wasn't the most fashion conscious person but I managed to choose an appropriate dress. I don't remember anything else about the shoot or the dress or her house. It was a long time ago!!!

Another time I picked up some giant stuffed turtles from a taxidermist to take to Griffith park to photograph them in a stream for an ad or brochure. I was driving down the Golden State freeway with them in the back of my V.W. convertible. It took me a moment to figure out why people were pointing and staring at me.

I researched Polly Bergen to see If any of these ads or brochures were listed anywhere and found that she wrote a book in 1977 called "I'd love to but what would I wear". She should have called me.

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Elizabeth said...

Such wonderful memories - a prelude to your LA book I hope.
If you have any time left over from your fashion consulting business!
Truly, these are fascinating glimpses in to now vanished world and definitely worth recording.


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