Saturday, September 20, 2014

Busy day

9:30- Took Robin to the S.D. airport for her trip to Colo. to visit grandchildren.
10:30- Brunch at IHOP.
11:30- On the way home-granite counter top shopping for Nancy's new kitchen. Way too complicated and hot. But more enjoyable than we thought it would be.

Home to rest, let the dog out at Nancy's and feed the cats at my house.

5:00- Phee Sherline's art show reception in Vista at the beautiful Rancho Buena Vista Adobe Gallery

Phee's show was very nice and a lot of our friends were there. We ran into the Klinger's on the way in. Barb Hayden and her husband were there. We didn't know that Barb played the dulcimer with Phee. We also didn't know that my neighbors, the Brandli's, were friends of Phee's. They were there, also along with several other mutual friends.

 7:00- Back to the Fallbrook Library for a fantastic mariachi concert.

The Mariachi Estrella de Chula Vista . They started as a class at Chula Vista High School in 2001. They played lots of concerts through the years as the Mariachi Chula Vista. As the years went by they all graduated and moved on. Their teacher, Mark Fogelquist, recently retired and got some of them together again to form this new group. They were just about the best mariachis I've ever heard.
 That's Mark Fogelquist on the right.
He gave an interesting talk about the history of mariachis. I've loved mariachi music since my youth so I loved everything about this concert.
The audience loved them. They got several standing ovations and played an encore.
It was a wonderful end to a busy day. I felt very glad to be alive and even glad to live in Fallbrook...
not my usual feelings.


J L Johnson said...

You had a very full day, yet managed to get in a lot of culture.

Helen Bauch McHargue said...

Happy Birthday to a fabulous Fallbrookian!, I know you'd rather have that loft somewhere but what would we do without you??? Hope you had a splendid day.



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