Thursday, May 8, 2014

Rescued kitten

My neighbor, Don, found this abandoned baby kitten. He told me he found it in my driveway. Probably so that I'd feel more responsible and would be more apt to take it in. He didn't really find it there but the ruse worked. I couldn't resist.

I certainly didn't need another cat. At the moment I have 4 plus a stray that I've been feeding. My neighbor, Paula, came over to help and had called a friend who might be interested in taking it.
The friend came and brought some kitten formula but said her husband wouldn't let her have it.
I guess that's another reason I don't have a husband!!!

Paula suggested the Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary might have some nursing mother cats who could maybe take it in. I didn't really want to burden them since I know they are up to their eyeballs in cats.
I bottle fed the kitten for a couple of days. Luckily it slept all night. I called and emailed everyone I knew but no takers.

I went to the sanctuary and asked them. They knew of a sanctuary that had nursing mother cats and abandoned kittens. They had someone who was going to take some of their kittens there that afternoon. They also said they had wonderful success with finding them homes. She told me it was 100 percent. Hurray! I was so happy. I left them a very large contribution. I left with a few tears. I had already gotten a little attached. One more day and I would have had a 6th cat.


Ann at Deep Magic Tangles said...

Beautiful baby birds...darling kittens...I like your style.

Helen Bauch McHargue said...

It's a darling little thing. So helpless at that young age. Lucky for the kitten that it ended up with you.


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