Saturday, May 17, 2014

My stray cat

I certainly don't need another cat but I can't stand to see an animal go hungry. He doesn't allow me to get near him but comes every day for his breakfast and dinner. One time he sniffed my hand. He's very "talky" and really sounds like he's carrying on a conversation.
I'm going to contact the Feral Cat Society and see if they can trap him and get him fixed.
Sitting on the planter ledge ( two stories up) outside the living room window.
Who could resist?

Looking quite content.

Making himself at home on a broken bench on the deck off my art room.

A ceramic cat at Al and Linda Brandli's house. I think Al might have made it. 
I wonder if my stray cat once lived down the street at the Brandli's? I must call and ask them.

1 comment:

Helen Bauch McHargue said...

There must be a sign on your door that cats can read. He/she must be somebody's pet...he looks so good. And if he's surviving the coyotes, he's got to be pretty smart....or very lucky.


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