Friday, August 31, 2012

Tangling Spider

I took this photo in front of my house. 
Such an artistic spider!
I wonder if he's taken a Zentangle class?


Christine H. said...

Is it possible that the spider has been looking in your windows and plagiarizing some of your work?

I remember reading something on the effects of various drugs on spiders'web patterns. (How exactly do you administer drugs to a spider?) Anyway, they gave them caffeine, LSD, marijuana etc. The caffeine one really scared me. It's worth looking at.

Don't let caffeine tangle your Zentangle.

Helen Killeen Bauch McHargue said...

He (the spider) has probably been looking over your shoulder. Great photo!

North County Film Club said...

Helen, (Foodsmarts)
He's been sitting ON my shoulder!

North County Film Club said...

I think Zentangles are a drug! That's how they affect me, anyway. I'm completely addicted! Maybe spiders are born with the addiction-they don't need the drugs. I would love to see the patterns the spiders made after the drugs. In fact, I would love to see my own Zentangles after a drug. I'm heading for the caffeine right now.

Christine H. said...

Here's the link:


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