Saturday, August 4, 2012

A walk in my garden

When you move to a new house it's always fun to see what comes up each season.

Especially when the jacarandas bloom.
Even the droppings are beautiful

And then there's a knock on the door (literally).

And then the day ends.


Food Smarts said...

Who was that at the door? If he/she is as nice as the rest of your neighbors, you should invite him in.
Sunset is beautiful. My old house was oriented differently and I didn't get
the sunset. Your orientation is can see the sunset but
you don't get the glare and heat as it goes down.

barbara and nancy said...

No, he's not as nice as the rest of the neighbors. He just tolerates me for what I can do for him. But I invite him in anyway.
I do love my view and especially the sunsets.


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