Friday, March 25, 2011

Shepard Fairey and Martin Usborne Art Openings

Megan's friend, Martin, has a photography show in Santa Monica. His opening and Shephard Fairey's (the graffiti artist famous for the Obama poster) were on the same night at the fabulous Bergamot Station in Santa Monica. Martin is a fantastic photographer. His show was called:

Here's a couple of his wonderful photos. I've always loved the image of a dog in a car, especially when they're in the driver's seat. Martin finds it sad. I'm only upset when it's a hot day. Then I go crazy trying to find the owner or putting mean notes on the window.

A lot of people brought their dogs, which seemed appropriate.

 Part of the fun was seeing the fashions.
These girls were in the very long line to get into the Shephard Fairey show.

His artwork was all done as if they were record album covers. I particularly liked that since designing album covers was one of my first jobs.

Here's the buffet table:

Here's the entertainment:
They were a wonderfully costumed heavy metal/mariachi band. I love mariachis, hate heavy metal, but I must admit I liked them. And I love the creativity of the combination.

We could have gotten our pictures taken with them like this guy did. I've been regretting that we didn't ever since.  I would have treasured that picture!

 Before the show we were wandering around and I saw a guy sneak up to a pole and stick a sticker on it. I recognized was Shephard Fairey! I said HI! He turned around and in a really cute sweet voice said HI! and then disappeared, just as he does when he's doing his graffiti. What a thrill.

Here he is posing for pictures and signing autographs. He's so cute and looks about 14 years old.
We had a wonderful time.


Blue Heron said...

Wow! You girls know how to party!

Food Smarts said...

You actually caught Sheperd Fairy in the act? The band looks terrific and the buffet is hilarious. Do you think the Fallbrook Fashion scene is ready for the holey stockings?


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