Friday, March 11, 2011

Sepia Saturday- Mistake?

Off on the honeymoon- 1958
Mistake?- I'll say!
Time will tell?- That's for sure!
I was 18 years old. What more can I say?

Sepia Saturday is sort of car- themed this time. When I saw the photo that Alan posted I immediately thought of this picture.

It's not the same car or quite the same year but close. I think it's a Buick. It was my parents' car. I remember always being embarrassed by it because it wasn't just two-toned, it was three-toned: black, red and cream. I'm not sure why this was embarrassing but I dreaded having my father pick me up in it.

So here I was going off on my honeymoon in it!  As if the colors weren't embarrassing enough we drove quite a ways with the painted inscriptions on it before my new husband stopped and washed it off. Also someone had put rocks in the hubcaps so people passing by would be sure to notice us.

The marriage lasted about three years. After that I got on with my real life. I wonder what ever happened to that guy.

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Christine H. said...

Maybe it's time to look him up? Oh, O.K., never mind. At least you got a great photo out of the deal.

Bob Scotney said...

A three tone car would be worth a $ or two now. Kids! They never appreciate Dad's taxi!

Howard said...

Fantastic photograph! You don't look too sure about the whole thing. Maybe it was you who wrote the slogans on the car and have subsequently forgotten about it? Thank you for sharing your mistake with us.

Food Smarts said...

I'm sure your little sister put the rocks in the hubcaps.
Great photo.

Alan Burnett said...

A great themer post. As far as two or three toned cars are concerned, whatever happened to them? Fashions normally go round and come round but we have been stuck with plain. boring cars for years.

Postcardy said...

Great picture. I wish it were in color so I could see the three colors.

Square Peg Guy said...

They sure don't make cars the way they used to! Thank Goodness! :)

Thank you for commenting on my shadow shot from two weeks ago. I'm so sorry it took me so long to reply.

- Square Peg Guy.

Marilyn said...

This is a fabulous photo. Funny being embarrassed by the colours!


you don't have any idea whatever happened to him??? MY!! when you turn the page, you DO turn the page!! i'm pretty much that way. my last B/F moved in the building where i live, and i have no clue if he's single or not, where he lives or what he does nowadays. he's history!! and i intend to keep it that way!!!

Tattered and Lost said...

I remember a friend's parents painting a blue stripe down each side of their one tone car because the daughter complained that it wasn't two toned.

I also recall a friend from high school getting married at 18 and being pulled over by the police. The unsuspecting couple did not know that a "friend" had stuck a note under the hood that read "Help! I've been kidnapped by this man." When they stopped for gas, back in the days when attendants still checked under the hood, the fellow found the note and called the police. He held the couple at the station as long as he could waiting for the cops to arrive. Police arrived ready to take action only to be told by the embarrassed couple that it was all a honeymoon prank. It even made the papers. I do not know if the marriage lasted.


that is one funny story. i wonder if they found out who had done that...

barbara and nancy said...

Christine, The last time I heard about him, which was a very, very long time ago, he had married a girl that was born the year we got married. That didn't last either. I actually do wonder about him sometimes but he has such a common name it'd be hard to google him. I don't wonder about him enough to go to any more trouble that that, tho.
He wasn't a bad guy!

barbara and nancy said...

You're sure right, Bob, I never did appreciate all my parents did, especially as a teen-ager.

Howard, I think part of Sepia Saturday
is sharing our mistakes, and our ancestors'. I guess that's part of the fun!

Helen(Food Smarts), No, it wasn't Nancy. Hey! maybe it was!!!

Alan, I think I still prefer the more boring cars!

Postcardy, I wish it were in color, also. But I can still see the colors in my mind.

Square Peg Guy, I second the motion!

Marilyn, You're right. It was funny to be embarrassed, but everything my parents did when I was a teen-ager embarrassed me. They should have been the ones to be embarrassed.

Ticklebear, I feel the way you do, too. He's history. Although read what I wrote to Christine. I was slightly curious at one time.

Wow, Tattered and Lost, that's a waaaay better story than mine! I love it!!!


i just googled my ex. nothing!! i guess he leads an unmemorable life...

Southwest Arkie said...

Neat photo! You both look a little shocked! Love the car, two toned or three- we had a two tone once upon a time!

Anonymous said...

Great photo, definitely worth 1000 words!


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