Friday, December 31, 2010

Huntington Library and Mark Taper all on one Saturday

Marge had tickets for a docent tour of the Huntington Library in Pasadena. She had won them at her high school reunion. The Library is a wonderful treasure trove of art, books and gardens. It's most famous for housing "Pinky" and "Blue Boy" but there's so much more. Way more than we had time for on a Saturday morning when we were also on our way to L.A. and the Mark Taper Forum. It was the last show of our season's tickets. It was wonderful--"Harps and Angels" by Randy Newman. I've always liked him, ever since "Short People". Even though he's pretty hard on us short people.  If you're familiar with Randy Newman you'll imagine that it was a very unusual, controversial, iconoclastic musical.

At the Huntington Library:
Marge, Jane, Nancy, & I
Our docent, Penny.  It turns out that she had gone to school in Pomona, as we all did, and she had given the prize of the tour at the reunion. She had graduated in 1959 , Marge, Jane & Nancy in 1960. Penny's mother had been a teacher at Westmont Grammar School and Jane was in her class.

 When I first saw this, years ago, I thought it looked like Nancy. Of course, that was back in the "big hair" days.


Blue Heron said...
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Blue Heron said...

Make that, what a great day! Love the library - did you walk the gardens?

Barbara said...

We didn't walk the gardens because it was raining (pouring!). But we've been to the gardens before and loved them, especially the new Asian Garden. You'd have to spend all day (or more) there to see everything.

Food Smarts said...

Yes, it takes a day at least. Last time I was there we had tea and a dash through the Asian garden. Your post makes me want to go back there immediately.

Blue Heron said...

We went up for the Charles Rohlfs furniture exhibit. I still like the japanese garden better than the chinese pavilion. Love the little bonsais.


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