Monday, September 27, 2010

A meme ?- 7 things about me

I don't quite understand "memes" but Doug ( tagged me to do one so here goes:
7 things about me-

1. Generally speaking, I like animals better than people.

2. I cook so seldom (read-never) that I have to dust my stove.

3. I love to read...books, newspapers, magazines, internet articles, anything.

4. I'm a zentangle addict ( a form of doodling that's supposed to put you in a zen-like state.) I also like other forms of art- collage, watercolor, pastels, drawing, etc.

5. I identify with hoarders-but I don't think I'm there, yet. I hate to throw anything away... I might need it tomorrow. Some people think I'm a cat hoarder but I don't think 6 qualifies.

6. I spent the first half of my adult life living a life just like the T.V. show "Mad Men" in L.A. advertising agencies and design studios.  The second half in the publishing and craft kit business with my sister.

7. I'm a bleeding heart liberal and proud of it.

Now I'm supposed to get 7 more people to do this-

I've sent emails to the following people asking them to write seven facts we don't know about them on their blog, then tag seven others. (and I hope they'll forgive me)

Nancy Javier
Helen McHargue
Penny Smith
California Girl
Jane LaFazio


Alan Burnett said...

I know that these memes can be a pain to do some time Barbara, but one does always learn interesting stuff about people who you only know from the fairly narrow perspective of their blogs. Greetings from one proud bleeding heart liberal to another.

L. D. Burgus said...

I am thinking about fulfilling your request but I am a flaming transparent person and tell everybody alrady way too much stuff. I might have to tell the juicy stuff and then again I do put things off.

Food Smarts said...

I didn't know you actually dusted the stove!! Bravo.
At least you don't store your underwear in yours like my mother did - well, after all, it's just sitting there MT.

I didn't know that if it came down to a choice between my cats (just an example) or me for an ark, say - or something crucial...that you'd pick the cats. So would my husband!!.

California Girl said...

Not something I'll post to my blog but I will answer for you.

1. I love blogging
2. I hope to publish and earn
money for my writing one day.
3. The only kids I like are mine
and sometimes, not even them.
4. I was an artist from the time
I would hold a pencil or piece
of chalk but I no longer draw
or paint.
5. I still think of an old
boyfriend I loved.
6. I bite my nails.
7. I tend towards road rage but am
getting past those rants.

CrazyasaCoolFox said...

Thanks Barbara. This meme thing is fun. Thanks for tagging more people. (victims :) You have to dust your stove? I used mine as a book shelf. Confirmed bachelor here. lol. I don't even have it plugged in. Thanks for sharing.


well, it's a good thing i kept reading on your blog. you didn't send me the link to this post now, did you?!? maybe i'm confused...
while i respond to such things, i do not forward them. it will "die" with me...
i'll let you know when it's done!!


there you go, it's done:

probably more than you expected, but you asked...


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