Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Animal House

Here's what all the animals at Banar Designs are doing right now:

 Sassie naps in the "in" box on my messy desk.

 Baby Kitty rules the roost.

 Tootie looks cute.

 Artie blends in.

Chloe poses for a cat food ad.

Zoe stretches out on a long box of feathers next to a file of colored paper.

Abbie snores quietly in a basket on my desk.

Ebony quenches her thirst.


CrazyasaCoolFox said...

Your pets are so photo friendly. I love them all! Thanks for sharing.

Vivian Swift said...

That's what I'll miss most at the Rally to Restore Snaity: the kitty faces. I'll bring pictures, tho.

I'm going with my sister and mother and we're staying at the Marriott on Pennsylvania Street. We should definitely meet up -- altho I should warn you: my sis will be carrying a Legalize Marijuana sign. I'm thinking of walking a good ten paces behind her.

Jane LaFazio said...

ah...such a beautiful furry family!


that's quite a crowd you've got there!!!
love ABBIE!!
too sweet!
my CARRIE is pretty much doing the same, in her bed next to the patio door, enjoying the morning rays...


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