Monday, June 28, 2010

Lost Turtle Update

Nancy and I drove the turtle to Claremont (about a half hour away). The man that I talked to last night at the turtle rescue place told me to put it in a box with newspapers on the bottom and on the top of the turtle, and then put some scrunched up ones on top of that. That seemed to calm it down. Before that it was really bouncing off the walls. And most of the walls in the enclosed patio where I put it were glass.
At one point it even turned itself upside down which I've heard can be fatal since they can't right themselves. Luckily I was there to save it.

Before I found the turtle society (thanks to Kathy) I started calling everyone near where I found the turtle (thanks to Fallbrook's reverse directory). I had some interesting conversations. I thought it might have been a pet and someone would be looking for it. One of the ladies I talked to said she found a turtle while walking on the golf course, which is right near here. She took it to the office and they told her that a lot of turtles live in the pond and come out once a year to lay eggs. She took it to the pond. The pond in the golf course is about 3 blocks away from where I found it.  I suppose it could have walked that far,  given time.  It also had to cross a busy road. 

I asked the turtle rescuer if I should take it back to the pond and he said it might try to cross the road again and was also in danger from coyotes.  I thought it's shell would protect it but I guess not.

So here I am at the turtle rescuers house. He told me they might not be home and to put it in the plastic container on his porch. He said he wouldn't be gone long. I was sad to just leave it there. I think he'll take good care of it and even maybe find it a great new home. 

This is his doorbell. I think he's pretty dedicated to turtles.

We then went out for a great breakfast. All's well that ends well.

 We saw this beautifully/horribly painted van on the way home.

By the way the name of the turtle society is San Diego Turtle & Tortoise Society
I, also just read a little more about turtles and it said to never return them to the wild so I feel better about what I did.


kaozz said...

Aw what a cute turtle! I remember having rescued a few in the past, they are such sweet creatures.

That van is really unique lol!

L. D. Burgus said...

When I lost my turtle I had already read that they will be confused because they were taken from their original territory. Mine was born in captivity so it had no homing sense, but I bet mine found the river near by or a farm pond. They are an active turtle though as the are always working their feet to go somewhere. Mine would lay still when he could warm himself in the sun.

Food Smarts said...

The turtle is very good looking. I'm sure he'll be just
fine and will be placed in a good home. Did you get a look at the passengers in the van? Probably not school teachers.

Christine H. said...

I'm touched and impressed that you went to all this effort to save the turtle. Little things like this always help to renew my faith in mankind. Thanks.

Vivian Swift said...

Me, too; I agree with Chritine about the renewed faith in mankind. My old hoarder neighbor up the road used to collect turtle-type things (it was very handy for her relatives: everyone knew what to get Ruth for Christmas -- another turtle knick-knack) but I never asked her "Why turtles?" I also never asked her "How the hell can you live with all this crap??" either. She died last Summer and now I'll never know about the turtle thing.

That was a good thing you did, rescuing Yertle from the road. I think turtles were one of the creatures that God made on the 6th day, when he was exhausted and started to slip up a little, and made things like the platypus, the giraffe, and the turtle; but I'm sure He would want us to take care of all his creatures, even if they were his own little in-jokes.

tony said...

well Done .An important & Kind activity.
I'm not sure what to say about the van design!

KM said...

I don't know if you ever check the ads that show up at the end of your blog; but I checked one - turned out to be The Turtle Shack, where you can mail order turtles. Currently there's a special on red-eared sliders (like our rescue)- buy one, get two free. No wonder they end up roaming around. By the way, did you want those other pictures I took for your blog?

Jane LaFazio said...

ah, further proof you're a good person--rescuing turtles. Either that or you have too much time on your hands.


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