Sunday, June 27, 2010

FOUND- TURTLE ( Red Eared Slider)

While driving with my friend, Kathy, yesterday we noticed a large turtle slowly crossing the road. It was a fairly busy road. We knew we had to save it. Kathy turned around and we rushed back and I picked up the turtle and got in the car. Kathy knew a slight bit about turtles. Enough to say "when they're scared they tend to pee." Just then the turtle let loose with what must have been a week's worth- all over me and the car.  Of course, that got us laughing hysterically.
The turtle is about 12" long.

More later. I'm on my way now to the Turtle Rescue Society in San Diego.


L. D. Burgus said...

I had a slider like that, one of my students bought over the internet. I had let him live outside in the summer in an old aquarium. I had him over three years but one night it rained so much that the water level allowed him to jump out. He ran away so to speak. They live in Indiana wild and I wondered if he ever made it to the river here in Iowa.He was the size of a quarter when I got him and I really did get to like the fellow and his quirks. I bet he was somebody's pet.

Jane LaFazio said...

so, what's the update? Glad you saved him/her...

Food Smarts said...

Hear, hear. Another rescue! Are you making notches on your belt? Lucky the wandering wretch who gets lost in your neighborhood - he/she gets a Barbara rescue! And a first class ride to San Diego. I love stories with a happy ending.


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