Saturday, May 22, 2010

SEPIA SATURDAY, Buggies, prams, and strollers

They just don't make 'em like they used to. Today's strollers are decidedly utilitarian and not at all attractive.  Yesterday's babies traveled in style.

My Uncle Darrel in a beautiful wicker pram.

Me in an art deco work of art.

Me, again, in a cute little stroller with a prancing lamb.

My cousin, Freddie and I in our Easter outfits.  He in a stroller, me on a tricycle. 
(Note the adult transportation in the background, and is that a hitching post?)

My brother, Bob in my doll buggy.

I couldn't find a picture of Nancy in a buggy but this is even better... a mothers day card that she made herself.  With such a nice poem. I'll bet my mother loved it. 

My favorite form of transportation, though was not a buggy, pram, stroller or tricycle.
(Doesn't everyone have a picture like this?  This pony really got around.)

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Barry said...

Yes, I think that pony visited our house once or twice.

My mother liked to tell the story of the day she got a brand new pram and proudly took me out for a walk.

Passers-by were all having a peek inside and smiling with great amusement. At first my mother was pleased, then became suspicious at the attention I was getting.

So she came for a look and found I had discovered the blood pudding she had brought for dinner and had it smeared all over my face--and the inside of the brand new pram.

Barbara and Nancy said...

Barry, that's a great "pram story".
I hope other people will have some more to share.

Crazyasa said...

I love the progression of prams. I think I have a photo of my dad in a wicker pram similar to that one. Thanks for visiting my crazy blog!

Anonymous said...

I think I have a picture like that too. I love these SS. Thanks for stopping by. Great post.

John Hayes said...

Great photos--there was a certain care & craft in design in those days, wasn't there?

Martin H. said...

That art deco example that you're obviously enjoying, was probably pretty comfortable. Models like these were so well sprung, unlike many of the modern, fold-a-ways of today.

The mother's day card is priceless.

Christine H. said...

You had some very nice transportation, and you were cute as a button! I also like Nancy's card. That pony never came by my house!

Vicki Lane said...

I had a stroller like that! I think it was blue and I remember how food bits lingered at the edges of the tray.

McHargue said...

Fabulous photos. I too remember the wicker prams and seeing them all lined up in front of department stores, like a baby parking lot. The pony picture is priceless.

And Nancy's card - the sweetest Mother's day present! I'm sure it was treasured.

Great post...I'm enjoying catching up on your last months worth of contributions.

Poetikat said...

I had to laugh at the second one - you look like you're going to reach in and pull out an ice-cream sandwich!
Sweet poem for Mother's Day and I really enjoyed Bob in your doll-buggy too! Great post!

I must agree, today's prams are far too utilitarian.


L. D. Burgus said...

Yes, you have some fancy carriages there. I like the art deco one on the side. Your brother probably doesn't remember you pushing him around in the doll buggy but mom must have been around keep track of it. Great drawings also by your sister. A really great blog. Fun!!

sEAN bENTLEY said...

Great selection of photos!

Alan Burnett said...

Fabulous fabulous collection of photographs. Having just seen a picture of one of those 1950s high-sprung prams on one of the other Sepia Saturday stories, I was just thinking the same about not making prams like they used to.

Nancy said...

What fun photos and a great card. I was transported in a pram similar to the art deco one. When I grew a little my mom let me push it around. Then, a little later, I had a doll-sized pram which held either a doll - or my kitty dressed in doll clothes. I like the old prams much better than the new ones. Thanks for bringing forward the memories.


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