Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More embarrassing travel stories- China 1985(?)

Most people love massages. Not me! The idea of a stranger manhandling my body strikes terror in my heart. We were in a hotel in Beijing when Nancy and I spotted a sign in the lobby advertising massages.

We had just climbed the Great Wall and found out why everyone calls it "climbing". It's not a flat walk. It's mostly very steep hills. It was exhausting. We probably needed a massage.

Unfortunately we pointed out the sign to Dickie (the benefactor of our trip). Dickie loved to embarrass us.

Very soon after we got to our room, two male masseuses knocked at our door. They had towels draped over their arms. We didn't know the protocol. Do you take your clothes off? Nothing doing! They motioned for us to lay down on the beds. They didn't speak English. We didn't speak Chinese. Why did we trust them? I think it's because they were wearing white coats and looked official.
Well, it wasn't relaxing.  It was embarrassing. And then we had to pay for it! We assumed Dickie was treating us. No such luck!


"Foreign Devils" weren't so prevalent in China in 1988. Here I am being the center of attention.

Here I am riding a camel, well not really riding, just posing - prettily. Why was there a camel at the Great Wall?  (See the Great Wall in the background- notice how steep it is.)


Christine H. said...

Bad Dickie! The story is hilarious though and the trip looks like it was fun.

Barbara and Nancy said...

Christine, The trip was definitely not fun but it sure left us with lots of stories.

Vivian Swift said...

It's worth schlepping to China if those $2.00 massages are still available. And when I got home I'd tell everyone I got the special "Under Waist" massage and smile exhaustedly.


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