Monday, April 19, 2010

Photo styling

I love looking at Holly Beckers blog decor8 . It's full of the latest in the decor world. Today she talked about freelancing and photostyling. Since I've been involved in both for the last almost 40 years I was very interested and it got me thinking about my whole career.

My sister (and partner) Nancy and I had planned to retire this year. We really weren't quite ready but the whole economy kind of made up our minds for us. So now we're easing into it and some days absolutely loving our new-found freedom. Other days we don't know what to do with ourselves.

The thing we enjoy the most is Etsy, where we can sell the things we've collected for years as photo props and some ot the things we make, plus the books we've published. You can see our two shop at  bitsandpiecesetc and linencloset .

I noticed that I don't take as much care when styling the Etsy photos as I did when I thought of it as a career so have vowed to be more professional about it from now on.

Here's some of the photos from the past shot by our wonderful photographer, Steve Whalen :


McHargue said...

Great photos. To style everything like it's for an official photo seems like a good idea - although I think your
photos always look good. I'm amazed at your collection of beautiful things. Maybe we need a support group for the newly retired.

Christine H. said...

I'll buy the tart! It all looks wonderful.


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