Thursday, June 26, 2008

Watercolor Workshop-June 22

Mary Tomaskevitch taught this workshop and we learned a lot of great techniques. I used a few of them on the painting above:
Used a wax candle to draw the lines on the bathing suits before painting on the color,
used the edge of a credit card (an old expired one!) dipped in paint to add the straight lines on the umbrellas,
dipped the other end of my brush in just-painted wet paint to pull out thin wispy lines for the designs on the umbrellas,
shook salt on the background and then painted over it with the sand color ( this would have been better if I had kosher salt).
Mary said not to use all the techniques on one painting and I actually didn't use them all. There were several more that I can't think of right now. I think I'll paint a sampler sheet of all of them and keep it close at hand.

Some of my fellow classmates paintings are below. I didn't get everybody. Some people had already left before I thought about taking pictures. They're not all finished. We were going to all go home and finish them. Somehow I never seem to do this, though. If I don't finish it in the class it just sits there for ages.


Margaret (the bird lover in the class)

Kathy Rote (part of a mother and daughter painting duo.) See her mother's painting below.

Carol Yowell (mother of Kathy) What beautiful water!

Beth Taft

Gasper Vacarro ( our only male) The beginning of a painting.

Carol Zaleski ( a beginning)

Diane Jansen (a beginning)

Lynn Davis hides behind her painting.


Anonymous said...

I am always interested in techniques. After you make your sampler sheet, maybe you could post it so we can learn too.

Lovely painting. I like the composition and how things continue off the page.

(One little method of getting people to comment is to ask a question.)

marjo said...

Thanks for your nice commemt on my blog!
And I loved the visit to your blog :)

Deb Lacativa said...

How wonderful to see results from beginners. I have been so intimidated by many of the watercolor sites I have visited. Your post has given me hope to someday take up that delicate brush...

Megan Hill said...

Hi Barbie.
I really liked your painting.
And I also loved the turtle and sea one. You've got some talent in your class. YAY!


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