Thursday, June 12, 2008

June Book Club-"Things Fall Apart"

Vickie couldn't stay for the meeting but still brought this
beautiful berry cheesecake which she made.

Roxanne brought berries from her garden.

Beth brought a wonderful melon and prosciutto appetizer,
which I forgot to photograph.

The book was a classic book about Africa written in the 50's. It was one ( if not the first) book written by an African (Chinua Achebe) told from the viewpoint of an African. You really felt like you were there, living the life and it wasn't pleasant. Their culture was completely disrupted when the Christian missionaries arrived. Some good things came of it
but an awful lot of bad things, too.

This picture represents how sometimes they had very little food to eat as we did, too because
most of our main food providers were absent this night. Oh, the starvation!! We did have a lot of good desert, though. Luckily Beth brought something with a little meat for protein. Nancy rushed into the kitchen and whipped up an avocado salad with the only two avocados that were ripe. We do have an avocado ranch and our meetings our held here but somehow we hadn't gathered any lately. Since I'm living here now and I seldom cook there was absolutely no other food on the premises. No, wait... I did manage to conjure up a bowl of almonds and some chips.

But we did have plenty of wine thanks to Kathy and Roxanne.

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