Thursday, April 23, 2015

Empty nest syndrome

Another year, another empty nest!

The mother and father have been hanging around for several days and doing a lot of tweeting (not 
that kind of tweeting!) I haven't seen them feeding them, tho.

The babies looked so pitiful and, of course, I worried like I did last year. I was determined this year to let nature take it's course and not interfere.

I was afraid that they would have trouble leaving the nest because there was so much stuff in their way. They wouldn't have an empty space to jump out onto.

So I removed all the stuff and put things for them to more easily step onto.

However, while doing so I bumped the basket/nest and they all three flew out. They didn't even need a place to step. Did I do a bad thing? Was it not the right time? So much for letting nature take it's course !

The mother and father as seen through my front door. 
They look like part of the carvings on the animal screen.

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Such happy news - and such pretty pictures.
Still cold and miserable here.
44F today....


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