Sunday, March 1, 2015

The new kitten- Ivan

 I sure didn't need another cat. They have a way of finding the way to my door.

 Then they give me this look!

 Pretty soon they're wearing my slippers.

And sitting in their own little chair.

He got the name Ivan because he looked like a Russian Blue. He sure does in this photo.
He also lives up to the name "Ivan the terrible"!

They almost made friends but then Ivan picked a fight.
They look alike but aren't related. He's the only one of all the cats that is slightly nice to Ivan.
But only up to a point. 
Ivan sure needs a playmate. I'm not getting another kitten but maybe I'll be able to find him a home with a built-in kitten. I might have trouble letting him go, though.


L. D. said...

Ivan is so neat. He has practiced that look so he can stay inside with you. Cats are great but will be too active towards the dog for quite a while.

Helen Bauch McHargue said...

Ivan is beautiful. It would be very hard to resist that look he's giving you. You have some kind of special knack for blending cats together. It's always seems to be all-out war for me when trying to get a new cat into the household.

North County Film Club said...

Helen, It is all-out war. The old cats hate Ivan and he keeps trying to make friends anyway. I've had to keep him in his own room most of the time. Would love to find him a new home with kitten playmates, but not sure I could let him go.

Nancy said...

Grey cats are my favorite. I'm not in the market for a cat but I think if your little grey showed up at my door I might just have to keep him. I hope you find him a good home.


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