Sunday, November 16, 2014

Kids Art Class at the library

Last Thursday I taught a kids' art class at the library as part of a Fallbrook Art Association project.

We made a Thanksgiving leaf banner.  They could hang it in their house...or around their necks as one of them chose to do. And then they all followed.

I collected and dried the leaves for the turkey's tail. They colored the turkey and then glued it and the leaves to the colored paper. 

I don't think they learned much art but they sure had fun! 

 This was the happiest little girl I've ever met. 
Her name was Eden and she seems to perpetually live there.


elizabeth said...

Such a worthwhile project and so lovely to see those happy faces.
There are worse places to hang out than the library!

Unknown said...

Kids art are really cute :)

DSA Art for Secondary School


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