Friday, August 22, 2014

George gets a new home.

I met a couple while waiting in the vet's office who were interested in a yellow cat and really liked George. Their big, giant Newfoundland liked George, too. We exchanged phone numbers and they called two days later. They're very nice and obviously animal lovers. They rescue Newfoundlands and horses. They have a cat who needs a feline companion. 

I had really gotten attached to George but, unfortunately the rest of my cats weren't too happy. I thought it was best to find him a new home before I was completely, seriously attached.

Here's some pictures of George's last few days at Knoll Park Lane:
Gorgeous George- so photogenic!

George and Tootie meet.

George meets his feline likeness. (new garage sale purchase).

Completely settled in!

George thinks I'm too involved in Zentangling! 
("hey what about me?")

"I said- what about me?" 
Maybe George could zentangle...with his tail!

Waking up on his last morning in this bed.

On to his wonderful new home.
 He'll be missed!

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Helen Bauch McHargue said...

At last I can read about George. We couldn't use blogspot or Facebook in China...but are getting everything now. I'm so happy to hear he's been adopted. Sounds like it will work out for everyone. Love that zentangling photo.


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