Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bird foster mom

I had the privilege of taking care of Paula and John Mannings' newly adopted parakeet for the weekend.
It was a lost bird rescued from Marci and Tom's yard. Paula and Marci captured it with a butterfly net.
The Mannings were scheduled for a motor home trip so I stepped in to care for the bird.
I could tell Paula and John (well, especially Paula) had already gotten attached to the bird.
Paula bought it a pretty blue cage. John added some dowels.

The Mannings are back from their trip. The bird is back in its' new home and seems to be settling in quite well. Paula has been back to the pet store and now the bird has lots of new playthings. It's been determined that it's probably a girl. She has a new name..."Happy".
I think it's perfect!

Also this weekend Nancy and I went to Balboa Park with Debbie. We went to the wonderful Mingei Museum and among other things saw an exhibit of chairs, called Please Be Seated...very interesting!
My favorite- the iconic Eames chair.

Another exhibit was called Function And Fantasy. The art of two brothers, Steven and William Ladd, featuring craft, fashion, and design.

We also saw this amazing couple outside of the museum," Tribal Baroque". We had seen them sing and dance once before. They are very unusual, to say the least, and I really enjoyed them.
They meshed perfectly with the art of Function and Fantasy at the Mingei.

We topped off the afternoon with a delicious dinner at Debbie's. She made the best, and most exotic, macaroni and cheese. She's a wonderful cook. What a great day!

Then home to my waiting bird. I had left the radio on for it so I hope it wasn't too lonesome.

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L. D. said...

I had a bird the same color for many years. I really enjoyed him. A student wanted to give it to me because their cat kept attacking the cage.


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