Thursday, May 2, 2013

Empty Nest Syndrome

Getting pretty crowded!

One bird left the nest. I put it back. Why can't I ever let Nature take it's course? It jumped back out. I had to leave for a breakfast date. I worried all through breakfast. When I got home it still wasn't there. I hope it flew away and is O.K.

Four left in the nest.

 Three more have left. Now only one remains. Later I saw this one fly away with it's parents.

All gone! 
Left with a really messy empty nest. 
I'm going to miss them...but not the worry!


Ann at Deep Magic Tangles said...

Yay! Five new little wrens in the world, and you helped! Good job, great story and photos - thank you so much for sharing. ♥

Helen Bauch McHargue said...

What an interesting experience watching them develop. In that same period of time, I've managed to do accomplish close to nothing! Did they ever change quickly from nothing but scrawny open mouths (two weeks ago?)to fully fledged birds! You'll have to put a "nest for rent" sign up.

Anonymous said...

did you say the parents had red on them? I think they are red house finches. The most common bird in San Diego county.! Beth c


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