Monday, December 10, 2012

Silents at the Symphony

Nancy, Connie, and I have been going to the San Diego Symphony.  Part of the series is the Fox Theater Film Series which features silent films accompanied by a pipe organ. The organist was Russ Peck. Some of the audience members enjoy dressing to fit the occasion. The films were two Charlie Chaplin films- The Rink and The Pawn Shop and a Laurel and Hardy- Big Business. I'm not  particularly a fan of silent films but it was fun to see them with a real pipe organ and in the beautiful Symphony Hall.

Outside the theater after the performance The Keystone Cops arrest a nattily dressed couple.

 The buildings across the street.

 I love remnants of old signs on the sides of buildings.

We had a very nice time.

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muscur said...

Dennis James, the appointed San Diego Symphony theatre organist, continues his now 40 years of Southern California professional theatre organ performances next on March 10, 2013 for his third annual silent film performance for the Pacific Symphony in Costa Mesa, California playing the grand silver Fisk concert pipe organ. You can read all about it at:


      Originated in 1988, the San Diego Symphony's annual classic film series has been the longest running silent film presentation program with orchestral accompaniment in the country.  In preparation for this season's series, scheduled to open on October 16 with Buster Keaton's THE GENERAL, the San Diego Symphony has named Dennis James San Diego Symphony Theatre Organist.  The appointment celebrates James' tenth anniversary season with the orchestra that began with his Silent Film Concerts production company's introduction of festive silent film with orchestra performances to the San Diego community.
James' new San Diego Symphony position includes score composition commissions, beginning on October 16th with the premier of James' new musical score to Buster Keaton's THE GOAT, and continuing on March 18th with his new score for a Harold Lloyd short subject.  James will also be featured in full length solo performance on January 21st accompanying the Douglas Fairbanks feature THE MARK OF ZORRO.
For over 30 years, Dennis James has played a pivotal role in the international revival of silent films with live music.  James currently also holds the position of House Organist for the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood and Silent Movie Mondays organist for the Paramount Theatre in Seattle.  He has served as consultant and performer for many other such symphony silent film programs on an international basis, having appeared with the Vancouver, Oregon, Seattle, Sacramento, Austin, Cincinnati, Detroit, Indianapolis, Columbus, and Louisville ensembles among many others.  James is also a featured solo performer on the international film festival circuit, including regular appearances for the San Francisco, Toronto, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Pordenone and Rome Cinema Muto Festivals.  He performs frequently at the Chicago Art Institute's film series, the Louvre in Paris, the Palazzo Delle Espisozioni in Rome and the National Film Theatre in London.
What a pleasure to have something as remarkable- as altogether dream fulfilling - as the San Diego Symphony's 'Nickelodeon Series.'  Beautiful 35mm prints of classic silent films, projected in their proper aspect ratio, and presented in a magnificent old movie palace with full symphonic accompaniment plus theatre organ.  It's every bit as good as it sounds.
Judging by the highly enthusiastic response to Saturday night's screening, the symphony may be in the silent movie business for some time.  The audience roared with delight at the many moments when the music was perfectly coordinated with the happenings on the screen." THE SAN DIEGO UNION
For more information:
San Diego Symphony Contact: Susan M. Balding, Public Relations Coordinator
            San Diego Symphony
            619.235.0800, extension 211


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