Monday, October 8, 2012

My ancestors on the $10,000 bill

I wasn't sure if it was true that the painting which includes my ancestors (see previous post) was really on the back of the $10,000 bill, or if one really exists. 
It is true. Apparently they're very rare and mostly only owned by collectors.
Here it is:



Helen Bauch McHargue said...

How terrific is this!!! What a fabulous find. I'm going to print one of these out and put in my wallet so I can talk about my friends family on the 10,000 bill. You're famous.

Christine H. said...

Wow. Mostly owned by collectors, but it's time for you to claim them all based on copyright of your ancestor's likeness...or something like that. Do you have one framed on the wall?

barbara and nancy said...

Good idea. I'm going to print one for my wallet, too.

barbara and nancy said...

Another good idea. I'm going to frame one, also. Wish I could get a hold of a real one, but then I'd rather spend it than frame it. Claim a copyright?
I don't know about that....


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