Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The last two weeks: a party, Anne Patchett, an art workshop with Claire-Lise Matthey Anderegg. flowers, cats and sunset.

 Margarita Shillig at Dick's birthday party.

 Dick Shillig's birthday party. Opening his presents.

Anne Patchett talks about her new book, "State Of Wonder", at the Friends of the Fallbrook Library. She's a wonderful speaker and my favorite author. This year she's one of the Time Magazine Most Influential People.

 Mixed Media workshop with Claire-Lise Matthay Anderegg. 
Claire-Lise giving constructive criticism to Diane, Peg, and Pattie.

 Claire-Lise's painting in progress.

 My painting, in progress. The technique involved acrylics, colored pencil, contact paper, alcohol, stencils, stamping. Don't worry- this is going to get better.

A gift of flowers from Helen's garden.

 Mother's Day flowers from Margarita

 Chloe peeks out of her Cat Tree House.

 The morning mist hides the view from my deck.

The beginning of the sunset.


Elizabeth said...

Green with envy of you meeting Ann Patchett --one of my favorite author's too.
Do try hammering flowers.
Just put between two sheets of heavy art paper --with a magazine to pad underneath and thump away.
I look forward to seeing your results.
Elizabeth and Buster.

Haddock said...

Like the arrangement of the flowers in the glass jar.


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