Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sepia Saturday- Mae Day

The theme this week is May Day. Until I read Alan's post I didn't think of May as a name...Duh! It's my middle name, (although spelled Mae) and has been a family middle name for five generations on my mother's side and 4 generations on my father's side.

Bessie Mae White (Reis) - my mother's mother

Della Mae Mefford (Finwall)- my father's mother

Arleen Mae Reis (Finwall)- my mother


 My daughter Antoinette Mae Brown (1957-1972)

4 generations of my mother's family- only 2 with middle names of Mae. (Bessie Mae and Arleen Mae)

The next 4 generations of my mother's family- with 3 Mae's.(Bessie Mae, Arleen Mae and Me- Barbara Mae)

4 generations of my father's family -2 Mae's. Della Mae and Barbara Mae.

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Little Nell said...

Barbara, that’s clever (thinking outside the box) to use your own name. We rarely think of our middle names, well I certainly don’t, though my father has used it occasionally over the years. That’s a lot of Maes in your family, and one lost along the way, I’m sorry to see. A lovely memorial to all of them.

L. D. Burgus said...

My wife is Della Mae so she could be a part of the club but not of the family. Neat post.

Wendy said...

I doubt there will ever be a challenge with my middle name, but this one is perfect. I love the family history. And I salute you for including a passport photo. I thought it was against the law for a passport photo to be GOOD.

Christine H. said...

That's the finest collection of Maes I've ever seen, all lovely...and I do see the family resemblance too. I agree with Wendy on the passport photo.

barbara and nancy said...

It's not fair that you got to be born first and get to be in the Mae club. The third born gets some old leftover name like Jean. Not part of any club. Hrumph!
Nancy said...

I don't think that passport picture would be allowed today as here in the UK we are not even allowed to smile in ours.

Bob Scotney said...

May (Mae) the force go with you.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Oh, what wonderful family photos! You are so cute in your passport picture.

I'm sorry that your lovely daughter died so young, that is so sad.

I enjoyed your post so much,

Kathy M.

Postcardy said...

That's a lot of Maes.

"Mother May I" (a game name) just popped into my head.

barbara and nancy said...

You may not have Mae for a middle name but you were born in May. So yes you can be in the "May club". And I think our mother planned it that way.

barbara and nancy said...

Larry Burgus, That's quite a coincidence that your wife is named Della Mae. (especially the Della part!) I always felt a little special because of the way Mae was spelled. I thought it was very unusual but I guess there are a lot of us in the "Mae Club" and all of us are special!

Food Smarts said...

Happy Mae Day. What a beautiful name and you don't hear it too often anymore. It deserves a revival! Barbara Mae has such a pleasant lilt to it. Nancy's middle name should be June shouldn't it? Specially since she was born in May:)

I was so sorry to read about your little girl that I'm bereft of words...heartbreaking.


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